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5 Reasons Why Security Robots are in High Demand

Autonomous Security Robots (ASRs) are being used by many industries for physical or virtual protection. Learn why they are in high demand.


INFOGRAPHIC: Sensor Selection and Installation

The robotics industry is constantly changing and so is the technology that goes with it. Here's an overview of how to ensure you are selecting the right smart sensing technology and installing it correctly for your autonomous mobile robots.


Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Sensors to Robotic Application

Building a robot or a robotic prototype is unimaginable without sensors. Sensors give a robot the ability to understand its surroundings and itself better. Here are the top mistakes to avoid when installing sensors for robotic applications.


How to Select the Right Sensor for Your Robotic Prototype

Installing the proper sensing technology and products is critical when constructing a robotic prototype. Here's a guide on how to select the right sensor for your autonomous mobile robot.


Robots for Delivery Services - A Look at the Present and Future

The pandemic has created the need for businesses to adapt to the times and adopt new technologies in their business models. Discover how companies are currently using robotic delivery services and what we can expect in the future.


Applications of Robots in the Grocery Industry

The use of autonomous robots are continuing to rise across many different industries. Discover how robots are transforming the grocery industry.


How Robots are Getting Food to Stores Faster

Robots have become an integral part of our lives in ways that many of us may not even know. They are now playing an active part in farming, processing, and packaging food. In effect, robots make it possible to get food to stores faster and enable the food industry to meet the growing demand.


Robotics in Agriculture: A Look at the Future of Farming

Technology has had a profound effect on the way we live and work. One area that robotics is transforming the industry is agriculture. Here's a look at how robotics are used in agriculture and what this means for the future of farming.


How Robots are Transforming Agriculture

Autonomous robotics are being utilized by large companies around the globe to create sustainable solutions across different industries. Here's how robots are being used to transform agriculture.


How Autonomous Forklifts Enhance Workplace Safety

Forklifts form an integral part of material management in industrial environments. However, forklifts are also one of the contributing factors that lead to workplace injuries. Here's how autonomous forklifts are ehancing workplace safety.



Discover the many important differences in 2D and 3D LiDAR sensors and how they differ in distance measuring, accuracy, detection, resolution and response time.


4 Applications of LiDAR-Equipped Drones

LiDAR sensor for drones is a relatively new concept that is becoming popular for quick and efficient 3D mapping and geospatial data capturing. Here are four applications of LiDAR-equipped drones.


Latest LiDAR Sensors and Their Applications

Sensors are playing a vital role in innovative robotics across many different industries. Here are some of the latest LiDAR sensors coming to the market and their applications.


How Robotics are Being Used to Disinfect and Help Maintain Healthy and Safe Workplaces

As COVID-19 was rapidly spreading, proper sanitization became a top priority among businesses and communities. Here's how robotics are being used to disinfect and help keep healthy and safe workplaces.


INFOGRAPHIC: Top Collision Areas in the Logistics Automation Industry

It's no surprise that companies are increasing the use of technology in the workplace. Here's a guide on how the logistics industry is utilizing robotics and how to maintain a safe workplace with new autonomous machines.


How AMRs Provide Higher Levels of Safety in the Mining Industry

Discover how LiDAR sensors are being used to capture geological data to increase equipment safety and efficiency in the mining industry.


What to Expect in the Mobile Robotics Industry in 2021

The mobile robotics industry continues to produce innovative advancements that help businesses streamline production times. Here's what to expect in the mobile robotics industry in 2021.


The Importance of LiDAR Technology in Port and Crane Automation

According to recent studies, the port equipment market size is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. Learn how LiDAR technology is being used to transform port and crane automation.


Autonomous Mobile Robots: The Future of Logistics Automation

With technology constantly evolving, more uses of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) within industrial settings are increasing. Here's how ARMs are shaping the future of logistics automation.


5 Ways Autonomous Robots are Utilized to Manage the Increased Demand in eCommerce

With increased eCommerce sales comes the need for autonomous robots to help in the warehouses and fulfillment centers. Here are 5 ways autonomous robots are used to help manage this demand.


3 Ways Autonomous Robots Provide an Extra Level of Cleanliness

These autonomous robots are capable of cleaning and scrubbing floors to perfection, here are a 3 ways they can be used to provide an extra level of cleanliness.


The Role the Sensor Plays in the Cleaning Robot

Learn how our smart sensors are used in the autonomous cleaning robots used in hospitals, schools and other facilities.


Announcing Our Strategic Partnership with Schmersal Inc.

We are excited to announce a strategic partnership with Schmersal Inc. Discover more about this partnership here.