Announcing Our Strategic Partnership with Schmersal Inc.

Date posted: 6/8/20, 10:25 AM

Hokuyo-USA has joined forces with Schmersal Inc. in an effort to promote awareness of the UAM-05LP safety laser scanner. As one of the largest suppliers of safety switching devices and systems for personnel and machine guarding, Schmersal provides several years of industry expertise, engineering and professional services.

This new alliance provides Hokuyo USA with access to a team of experts familiar with the evolving standards and directives on machine safety while we complement their product portfolio with a robust and reliable non-contact safety sensor for collision prevention, presence and intrusion detection. With U.S. headquarters in Hawthorne, NY and an affiliate office in Ontario, Canada, Schmersal’s sales presence and network of distributors will allow for us to target various safety applications for industrial automation and manufacturing across North America.

We look forward to this collaboration and the opportunity to grow Hokuyo’s safety laser scanner business while continuing to enhance overall safety in today’s industrial working environment.