Date Posted 3/13/24, 12:56 PM

LiDAR sensors have become indispensable in industries such as autonomous vehicles, drones, industrial automation, and more. In particular, the autonomous robot industry is rapidly adopting LiDAR technology. 

Further, the global autonomous robots industry is projected to rise at a CAGR of 17.5% to reach a worth of USD 4.1 billion by 2028. This has resulted in an increasing demand for LiDAR sensors that provide next-gen robotic capabilities.

LiDAR sensors with a small form factor but ascending capabilities and durability are becoming the prime choice. To meet these requirements, Hokuyo has engineered the highly-capable solid LiDAR sensor YLM-X001 without mechanical parts.

How Can the Compact YLM-X001 Help the Autonomous Industry?

Hokuyo's YLM-X001 mechanical-less solid-state LiDAR sensor stands out with its incredibly small form factor. Its dimensions are 119 (W) x 85 (D) x 79 (H), making it suitable for AMVs and UGVs.

Further, the lightweight factor allows for unprecedented mounting flexibility, especially for applications where space and payload capacity may be constrained.

However, the sensor’s compact size doesn't limit its capabilities. The YLM-X001 outdoor range sensor has leading-edge features. The LiDAR offers scanning ranges from 0.5m to 7m with a wide 120° horizontal and 90° vertical field of view. For vertical scanning, you can define the area dynamically via software.

It has industry-leading Light Control Metasurface (LCM) digital scanning capabilities. LCM is Lumotive's patent-protected technology that helps the LiDAR sensor provide accurate scanning readings. LCM doesn’t require mechanical parts because it uses a liquid crystal array to electronically steer a laser.

The absence of mechanical parts eliminates unnecessary movement that might cause deviation from the target, enabling users to obtain accurate scanning data.

The inclusion of Light Control Metasurface (LCM) makes it possible to get reliable, high-performance scanning that traditional mechanical LiDAR cannot match. Additional LCM benefits include reducing multipath interference and shock/vibration resistance for a dramatically extended service life.

Lastly, the YLM-X001 solid-state LiDAR sensor can deliver frame rates of 10Hz. This comprehensive area coverage allows robots to detect obstacles, map, localize, and perform other tasks.

Standout Features of YLM-X001 Solid-State LiDAR

Hokuyo is well-known for its R&D and innovative approach to developing LiDARs. The Hokuyo YLM-X001 is no exception and comes with inimitable advantages. 

  • Fully Solid-State Mechanical-Less Design: The lack of moving parts improves reliability and ensures ruggedness. It offers better measurement performance compared to Time of Flight (ToF) sensors.
  • Detection Range: The 0.5m to 7m range provides ample scope for obstacle detection in potential applications such as dock surveillance and autonomous mobile robots.
  • High Frame Rate: It offers smooth 10Hz or more with 320x240 resolution (VGA 640480 also available) scanning.
  • ROS2 Compatible: YLM-X001 supports an open-source library, so you can pair it seamlessly with a robotic application developed solely for your usage.

Real-World Applications of YLM-X001

You can utilize YLM-X001 for multiple applications, from day-to-day tasks to specialized operations.

Powering Next-Gen AGVs and AMRs

The mechanical-less design helps YLM-X001 to withstand constant vibration from Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) vehicle movement without losing performance over time. The 7m range, wide field of view, and 10Hz operation offer reliable environmental perception, which is required in warehouses, factories, docks, and more.

3D Obstacle Detection for Service Robots

Hokuyo's YLM-X001 provides reliable 3D vision to service robots, detecting obstacles from all angles and ranges. Thus, robots can adjust their path accordingly and operate safely and efficiently.

Assessing Road Conditions for Outdoor Navigation

The YLM-X001 solid-state LiDAR is capable of standing up to outdoor elements like rain, dust, sun glare, and snow. By scanning ground terrain and obstacles in detail, it delivers the inputs needed for stable localization and mapping algorithms.

Power Your Autonomous Project Possibilities With Hokuyo YLM-X001 LiDAR

The autonomous industry is on a course of remarkable innovation in the upcoming decade. Advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning are backing up the autonomous industry, and well-made LiDARs are boosting the process.

To keep up with such a transforming industry, it's important that you choose a LiDAR that complements technological advancements. Hokuyo has been working relentlessly to push the autonomous industry by engineering state-of-the-art LiDAR sensors.

At Hokuyo, we understand the industry's requirements and deliver bespoke solutions. The YLM-X001 is an example of our dedication to providing superior products. It's a perfect solution that equips your robots with crystal-clear vision, whether for scanning the outdoor area or surveillance.

Reach out to us to learn more about the YLM-X001 LiDAR or for any queries you may have.