Date Posted 5/22/24, 9:18 AM

Announcing the Official Launch of the YLM-10LX 3D Solid-State LiDAR

Hokuyo Automatic Co., Ltd (HQ: Osaka, President: Hitoshi Ozaki) has jointly developed and introduced YLM-X001 as a prototype model last year with American technology company Lumotive, Inc. (Redmond, WA) by utilizing its original solid state scanning technique. Hokuyo will finally release YLM-10LX as a commercial product this year. Compared to the prototype model, its size and cost are optimized by utilizing smaller Light Control MetasurfaceTM (LCM) chip, LM10 and adjusted the inside structure to fit in the small casing.

Hokuyo integrated its LiDAR design technology and Lumotive’s cutting-edge beam steering technology LCM for core-value. This product transmits one line of laser, scanned vertically and received line by line. So compared with ToF camera that flashes the light to whole field of view, the multi-pass interference can be mitigated, that enables to measure distances more accurately in mobile environment. Unlike the mechanical scanning, range of FoV, the number of FoVs and its resolution are dynamically changeable by the software. Multiple FoVs can be also set at the same time.

This product will surely enable innovative applications that could not be realized with conventional mechanical scanning technology, and will aim to expand business with a focus on mobile applications such as AGV/AMR and service robots, where the use of LiDAR is expected to expand in the future.


YLM-10LX (2).jpg

Key specifications of the YLM-10LX 3D Solid-State LiDAR

Detection distance: 0. 5 to 10m ( at reflectance 10%)

Field of View (FoV): FOV across centerline

Horizontal: 120 degrees (fixed)

Vertical: 90 degrees (programmable)

Distance accuracy: σ<0.7% at reflectance 10%)

Image resolution: MAX. 640×480 (VGA), Default 320×240 (QVGA)

Angular resolution: MIN . 0.188 degrees ( VGA), Default 0.375 degrees (QVGA)

Frame rate: 10Hz or more (in QVGA)

Size: W 120 0 mm × D 57.2 mm × H 63.5 mm

To create this product, Hokuyo has established a strategic partnership with Lumotive since December 2022 and has been proceeding with joint development. (See Press release on June 1, 2023) In order to strengthen this partnership, Hokuyo will continue to further supplement its own technology with Lumotive's LiDAR-related technology to create more competitive products in the market. While aiming to create innovative 3D LiDAR, Hokuyo will also explore new areas of activity through synergies with Lumotive's core technologies.

About Lumotive

Lumotive’s award-winning optical semiconductor solutions enable advanced sensing and perception capabilities in next-generation consumer, mobility, and industrial automation products such as mobile devices, autonomous vehicles, and robots. The company’s patented Light Control Metasurface (LCM™) beam steering chips deliver an unparalleled combination of high performance, exceptional reliability, and low cost — all in a tiny, easily integrated solution. Lumotive has received measurable industry acclaim including Fierce Electronics’ 2021 Startup of the Year award, CES Innovation Product image Awards in 2022 and 2024, Fast Company’s Next Big Thing in Tech 2023, a 2022 SPIE PRISM Award, and a prestigious Edison Award. Investors include Gates Frontier, MetaVC Partners, Quan Funds, Samsung Ventures, and Uniquest.

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