Date Posted 8/21/23, 3:58 PM

LiDAR Sensors (Light Detection and Ranging) find large-scale applications in industrial robotics. Their unique capabilities help in accurate distance measurement using light pulses. These high-tech devices can generate precise images of dynamic environments for easier navigation, surveillance, and security.

2D LiDARs are quite a cost-effective solution for the industrial setting. The UXM-30LAH-EWA and UXM-30LAH-EHA are popularly used 2D LiDAR sensors for accurate distance measurement.

Check out the infographic to learn about their key features and differences.































































Need Help with the Right LiDAR Sensor?

Both UXM-30LXH-EHA and UXM-30LAH-EWA have the exact angular resolution and protective structure but different ranges. While UXM-30LXH-EHA has a maximum detection range of 120m, UXM-30LAH-EWA has a range of only 80 m. Also, UXM-30LXH-EHA has four output points, but there are six output points in UXM-30LAH-EWA.

Hokuyo offers high-tech sensors designed specifically for industrial robotics applications. If you need clarification about which LiDAR sensor will cater best to your project, contact our team, and we will help you make the right choice.