Date Posted 3/13/24, 12:41 PM

LiDAR sensors have become a technological imperative, serving as vital tools in industries such as urban planning, automation, agriculture, robotics, and more. As our capabilities grow, we need faster, more efficient, and flexible remote sensor technology.

The evolution of LiDAR technology has led to faster, more efficient data acquisition rates. Modern laser sensing systems are being used in AI-based tasks and even miniaturized for mobile devices.

Driver assistance systems (ADAS) is one such advanced application where accurate three-dimensional mapping of targeted areas is essential. A sensor that can gather precise spatial information from multiple target areas is ideal for enhancing the safety and reliability of these systems.

With cutting-edge features and a modular design, the YLM-X001 is meant to meet the sensing demands of the future. This solid-state LiDAR stands among the best-in-class outdoor sensor solutions of our time and sets new standards for efficiency and performance.

Here is a list of extremely useful features that will shed some light on what differentiates the YLM-X001 sensor from conventional LiDAR systems.

YLM-X001 Solid State LiDAR Specifications

Outdoor Suitability

The YLM-X001 is a highly reliable outdoor sensor. Its dust and water-resistant properties make it a dependable tool capable of withstanding most environmental challenges commonly encountered outdoors. From bright, sunlit conditions to rain and dust, the sensor performs to provide accurate visual information in a range of different weather conditions.

Detection Range

Regarding short-range detection, the YLM-X001 offers highly accurate distance measurement for objects up to 7 meters away. As for the sensor’s accuracy at longer distances, it detects objects with up to 85% reflectance at a distance of 25 meters. These features make it suitable for outdoor robot navigation systems, obstacle avoidance, and object identification.

Field of View (FOV)

With a 120° horizontal and 90° vertical field of vision, the sensor captures a comprehensive view of its surroundings. This enables a decent amount of situational awareness, which helps improve decision-making in outdoor conditions. Autonomous robots and security and agriculture monitoring systems can benefit from these capabilities.


This sensor has a remarkable distance accuracy with an exceptionally low error margin of ±0.5%. This level of precision is essential for outdoor tasks where safety is paramount. With a margin of error this low, it can collect exact depth information and make detailed 3D terrain maps used by AGVs and AMRs to navigate through complex urban environments.

Scan Rate

The 10Hz frame rate makes real-time data acquisition easy, enabling the sensor to detect and react to dynamic environmental changes. With at least ten full scans per second, it is suitable for outdoor applications requiring fast response times, such as collision avoidance.


The solid-state LiDAR optimal produces high-quality images suited for a number of applications. It has adjustable resolution options, allowing users to manipulate the settings for the desired outcome. The YLM-X001 sensor provides QVGA (320 x 240) for standard use and VGA (640 x 480) in a high-resolution mode.

Solid-state Beam Steering

This stationary sensor utilizes Light Control Metasurface (LCM) technology to scan multiple predefined areas simultaneously. Unlike traditional LiDARs, comprising heavy rotating mechanisms, the YLM-X001 solid-state sensor has electronic beam steering. This means there is no need for mechanical parts, which means simple maintenance, increased reliability, reduced size and weight, and lower manufacturing costs.

Stable Distance Accuracy

Despite common weather or temperature-related disturbances within the sensor range, this modern sensor collects accurate visual data. This can be attributed to LCM technology that offers reliable, stable distance measurements in various outdoor conditions.

Programmable Configurations

Through dedicated software, users can specify variables like the sensor’s accuracy, detection range, and frame rate. This high level of configuration adaptability allows users to fine-tune sensor performance for specific outdoor needs and changing conditions.

Hokuyo: Pioneering Sensing Solutions for Tomorrow

Combining a large set of innovative features and a durable design, the outdoor-ready YLM-X001 LiDAR is a promising solution for futuristic applications. Safety is a priority in lidar-based applications like autonomous driving and human-robot collaborative work environments.

This is why our innovations undergo rigorous testing and meet all safety regulations to ensure their reliability in high-risk environments.

At Hokuyo, our long history and experience are the foundation for crafting cutting-edge sensing solutions for the newest technologies. With a global presence, we work closely with industries worldwide, providing them with cutting-edge sensing technology that best suits their designs.

The YLM-X001 sensor is a result of almost 80 years of engineering excellence and industry collaboration. It is poised to deliver unparalleled performance in today’s growing technological landscape with expanding demands.