Date posted: 5/17/22, 9:22 AM

LiDAR, or Light Detection and Ranging, is a sensing method that uses light to gauge the distance between it and an object. LiDARs use laser beams to measure distances and are highly accurate.

These sensors find themselves among other distance-ranging technologies like ultrasonic sensors. However, the difference between an ultrasonic sensor and LiDAR is that an ultrasonic sensor uses sound waves while LiDAR uses laser beams.

The advantage of using LiDAR is that it has a very long range and can easily track fast-moving objects. While LiDAR is a broad term for sensors that use lasers to judge distance, these types of sensors can be ranked based on their detection range, the field of view, interface, energy consumption, accuracy, and other key features.

Check out this infographic that compares the two most popular LiDAR sensors from Hokuyo.

Hokuyo_LiDARsensorsUST20_UST10_Infographic_Hokuyo USA - Logistics Automation Industry Infographic.jpg


Choosing between UST-20LX, UST-20LN, UST-10LX and UST-10LN

The UST-20LX and UST 20LN provide up to 20 meters of object detection, while UST-10LX and UST-10LN offer a range of 10 meters. Therefore, based on the detection distance required in your project, you can choose between the two product ranges.

You can also choose between the LX and LN versions based on the features you are looking for to compliment your project requirements. For instance, the LN version has more input and output ports and sports USB and RS422 interfaces compared to the Ethernet port available with the LX models. However, if your project requires an Ethernet-only connection, you might want to consider the LX range and choose the model that meets your project's field of view and depth requirements.

At Hokuyo, we provide scalable, competitively priced sensing products to support your autonomous robotics applications. From high-quality LiDARs and collision avoidance sensors to safety lasers and obstacle detection scanners, you can rely on our sensing technology solutions to achieve your goals.

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