Date Posted 10/18/23, 10:40 AM

Industrial Robots vs. Collaborative Robots


Today's industrial landscape focuses primarily on adopting flexible, reliable, and efficient solutions to improve operational efficiency and enhance workers’ safety. Industrial and collaborative robots (cobots) enable businesses to achieve these goals effectively. While these robots have similar goals of reducing human effort and ensuring precision and accuracy in repetitive tasks, key features make industrial robots and collaborative robots different from each other.

Check out this infographic comparing these robotic solutions, highlighting their design, functioning, and application differences.


Industrial Robots vs.jpg



Both industrial and collaborative robots aim to augment the capabilities of an industrial unit, imparting efficient and safe working environments for the human workforce. While cobots are designed to enhance worker experience, industrial robots focus on automating and speeding up tasks to improve the production output. Choosing between the two depends on the specific objectives you wish to achieve in your industrial plant or manufacturing unit.