Date Posted 5/5/23, 4:14 PM

A safety laser scanner is commonly used in factory automation to keep machines and personnel safe. The device scans an area, and if it finds a person or an object inside that area, it sends a signal to the machine to stop it so no one gets hurt.

Safety laser scanners are different from regular laser sensors because they monitor themselves with multiple signals and stop accidents if an internal problem is found.

Today, safety laser scanners replace pressure-sensitive safety mats, light curtains, and hard guarding. This infographic explores the features, applications, and prevention technology associated with safety laser scanners.


Sensors are an inevitable component of Industry 4.0. Even though they may seem expensive, a single safety laser scanner can carry out the tasks of many other devices. When used correctly, these specialized safety monitoring devices are a practical and cost-effective way to keep an industrial area safe.

The UAM-05LP is a safety laser scanner from Hokuyo suitable for a wide range of stationary and mobile applications. As one of the smallest scanners on the market, the UAM provides a reliable solution for maximizing safety and preventing potentially unsafe situations in many industrial sectors.